Interactive development of machinery manufacturing industry and the mainland mold industry


China's mold machine tool manufacturing industry has become an important force to promote the steady progress of the world economy. Continuous industrial upgrading and transformation and development have brought China's mold machine tool equipment industry into the golden period of development. On the one hand, China is in the middle of industrialization, which is a good period for the development of the mold equipment industry; on the other hand, the new rural construction and urbanization process has brought huge market space to the machine tool equipment industry.
     Taiwan's machinery manufacturing industry has world-class levels in the fields of molds, electronic production equipment, plastic machinery, woodworking machinery, cutting machine tools, and forming machine tools. However, the Taiwan market is small and the development space is limited. The Taiwanese machinery industry is facing industrial restructuring and needs to expand further and move outward. At the same time, global manufacturing is accelerating the transfer to China, and the autonomy of major technological equipment has become an important industrial policy of China. All of these will provide important support for the great development of China's mold machine tool equipment industry.

Yang Liuchang, director of the Secretariat of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, also said that the machinery industry on both sides of the Taiwan Strait has its own characteristics and complementary advantages. As the machinery manufacturing industry is included in the ECFA early-receipt list project, tariffs have been greatly reduced, and Taiwan’s machinery manufacturing industry has achieved market share in the mainland. A more favorable competitive advantage.
    Statistics from Taiwan’s economic affairs department show that in the first quarter of 2011, the growth rate of mainland China’s imported machinery from Taiwan’s early harvest projects was as high as 71.3%, which was 23.6 percentage points higher than that of non-early harvest list items. Among them, machine tools became the main export force, and machinery manufacturing Become the industry that Taiwan has benefited the most from ECFA. At present, the mainland has become the largest export market for Taiwan's machinery products.
    Taiwan's machinery manufacturing industry has world-class levels in the fields of molds, electronic production equipment, plastic machinery, woodworking machinery, cutting machine tools, and forming machine tools. According to Luo Baihui, secretary general of the International Association of Mould & Hardware Plastics Suppliers, Taiwan's machinery manufacturing exports are mainly machine tools and machine tools. In 2010, the output value of machine tools accounted for 13.2% of the machinery and equipment industry, making it the sixth largest production base in the world.
    On November 8, 2011, 98 Taiwanese machinery companies, including Chengtai Machine Tool, Taichi Group and Shiyuan Machinery, came across the sea and showed great interest in the 2nd Cross-Strait Machinery Industry Expo held in Longyan, Fujian. With confidence. This exhibition jointly organized by the two sides of the strait is favored by the world's "heavyweight" manufacturing enterprises. Among them, 20 of the world's top 50 engineering machinery companies have come to participate in the exhibition, and the mainland's eight major automobile groups are all exhibiting; from the United States, Japan, Sweden, Germany, etc. The country and Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and other 730 buyers from 25 provinces and 250 SME leaders also attended the conference.
    The high-standard exhibition provides a platform for enterprises to display new products, new technologies and new images, and also provides an opportunity for the development of machinery manufacturing industry in Fujian Longyan, the venue of the “World Expo”. The mechanical equipment manufacturing industry is one of the three leading industries in Fujian and one of the key industries with the greatest development potential of Longyan.
    Longyan City has initially formed three major clusters of construction machinery, environmental protection equipment and automobile manufacturing. In 2010, the total output value of machinery enterprises above designated size exceeded 20 billion yuan. As an important base for the development of Fujian's machinery industry, Longyan has a solid industrial development foundation to undertake the transfer of Taiwan's machinery industry.
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